Venice, Italy | One Day Intensive Mentoring | january 29th 2018 | More dates available

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One Day Intensive 
With Sif Orellana

This full day one-on-one mentoring from 10am-4pm is costume tailored around your needs and interests, and will focus entirely on what you wish to learn, master and solve to up-level your skills, identify your goals or perhaps bring your career a step further.

The day can be designed around your needs for specific insights in the creative field, whether you wish to gain insight into:
* the process of creating a cookbook (workflow, storytelling, concept, imagery, design, marketing & media strategy)
*  writing a top-notch book proposal
* mastering the skills of storytelling and/or recipe writing
*  want to learn specific photographic techniques and give your photography business an overhaul (finding your own unique voice and visual identity)
*  fast-track your postprocess skills (DSLR and/or Iphone)
* discover your creative voice
* or perhaps create a more effective time-efficient workflow
* Give your business a clearer direction and thereby identifying just the right clients you wish to work with

We can discuss where you are on your creative journey and where you want to go. If you are an amateur and want to learn how to break through, dream of getting in contact with an agent or a publishing house, get some behind the scenes information about a career as an award-winning writer, photographer and publisher, I am there to guide you and help you propel your skills to the next level.

Whatever it is your heart desires to leverage your writing, photography, business or creative business skills, I am all yours. I bring 18 years of writing, photography and marketing experience to the day, including my experience working in books and magazines Internationally, founding an organically based boutique-café in my hometown, creating my own successful publishing house and teaching workshops all over Europe. 

* Questionnaire before we meet, so that we know exactly what to focus on to accelerate your learning and skills
* 6 hours of intensive mentoring and teaching
* Lunch and morning and afternoon coffee breaks 

€995 Once Off Payment.

The fee can be paid by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card (or mobile pay if you are from Denmark). The One Day Intensive can be taught in either Danish or English.

Please send me an email if you have any questions, or wish to inquire about specific dates for a 'One Day Intensive' etc. I offer these one-on-one mentoring once in awhile in Paris, Venice, Rome, London, Mallorca, Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Can't wait to meet and teach you all you need to leverage your skills bring your business to the next level.